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Apr. 18th, 2017

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Battle of the Breakfast Casserole & Battle of the Burritos
by Clever Young Thief
Pairings: None
Language, silliness, OOC, exaggerated characterizations of everyone else throughout.
The boys have breakfast then go for lunch at Taco Bell

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I'm done with one of the wayback 'captures' for Gundam Wing Addiction (Thanks for finding a working one Deb!) As this waycback 'capture' was from 2001 there are several authors that were not listed as their works didn't go on the site until after that time.

I do have a 'capture' from 2013 but absolutely none of the fics were captured, just the Author's pages, which means I'm going to have to search online for each fic individually (weak yay)

As of right now my GWA folder has 2,081 files in 84 folders.

I did find a ton of other fics from authors that were not on GWA so in all actuality I have collected closer to 3,000 since April 1st. That combined with my old archive, bumps the total to approximately 5,000 fanfics, which throws my estimated total right out the window! I had expected 5,000 after GWA and one other site I was going to collect from once I was done with GWA. By the time all is said and done, I can realistically expect closer to 10,000. Wow....

Now that I have all I can get directly from GWA I need to do a little editing and type up the Excel worksheet for the actual archive list. Fun times!
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Oh! Just in case anyone is interested here is the link I have been working from. Again, Thanks Deb!
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