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Oh! Just in case anyone is interested here is the link I have been working from. Again, Thanks Deb!
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I'm done with one of the wayback 'captures' for Gundam Wing Addiction (Thanks for finding a working one Deb!) As this waycback 'capture' was from 2001 there are several authors that were not listed as their works didn't go on the site until after that time.

I do have a 'capture' from 2013 but absolutely none of the fics were captured, just the Author's pages, which means I'm going to have to search online for each fic individually (weak yay)

As of right now my GWA folder has 2,081 files in 84 folders.

I did find a ton of other fics from authors that were not on GWA so in all actuality I have collected closer to 3,000 since April 1st. That combined with my old archive, bumps the total to approximately 5,000 fanfics, which throws my estimated total right out the window! I had expected 5,000 after GWA and one other site I was going to collect from once I was done with GWA. By the time all is said and done, I can realistically expect closer to 10,000. Wow....

Now that I have all I can get directly from GWA I need to do a little editing and type up the Excel worksheet for the actual archive list. Fun times!
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This has got to be my favorite disclaimer so far.

"Not mine, I'd sure as hell *not* do this to anything I actually owned..." The Eggbeater by Lys ap Adin, a kink week challenge fic.
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I have a really crappy (by my opinion anyway) website that I set up on wetpaint about a decade ago. I never liked the layout, it was awkward to work with so I didn't work with it much and hadn't logged in since like 2011. Now that my archiving project it getting so large I had thought to log in and update the archive page (just a list of stories by author - no links or fic hosting) and found that my site had been moved from wetpaint to wikifoundry (when did that happen?!) any who, it's a pain in the ass and I still hate how it looks.

Anyone out there willing to give me a hand with it? Or suggestions/assistance in creating a new, streamlined site where I can post my archive list as well as post my own fics and the few guest fics I had on the old site, without having to link them to other places?

I'm doing okay with my cosplay site but I just can't seem to get a fanfiction site to work out they way I want.

here's the site if you're interested.
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As of the most recent count I have collected approximately 1,800 Gundam Wing fanfics for my archive since April 1st. That's an average of 128 fics a day. I'm certain I have a few duplicates as my original archive already had about 2,000 fics in it and I have added fics by authors I already had in the archive. I'm estimating that by the time I am finished with my current task there will be close to 5,000 fics as I have 4 other sites to hit once I'm done with GWA.

I hope that if it ever becomes necessary, my archive could be used as a backup of some sort.
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I just received this emailed message from Tyr

~ Sorry, personal problems have kept me so busy since February that I didn't get a chance to deal with the matter, then Yahoomail's security shenanigans prevented me from checking my email, but earlier today I recovered my email access and will now try to deal with this problem asap.~

Sounds like might come be back <3

In the meantime I'll continue with my little (read MASSIVE) archiving project, there are still many, many lost treasures to find.
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Me: *opens my working folder and selects a fanfic - starts writing*
Brain: *wandering around, poking at things*
Me: This isn't where I wanted to go with this... What is this? It's a new story! No! Work on the other story, don't make a new one!
Brain: Mawahahahaha!!!
Me: *looks at the 8 different in progress fics, closes the folder* I guess I'm writing something new today.

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Even with all the broken links and unsaved/archived pages, the file corruption and wonky formatting, I think the most difficult part of the whole process is resisting the urge to read every story the moment I find it!
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I managed to get into gwaddiction today in a roundabout sort of way with the help of the wayback machine. All of the author pages are there, however most of the fics themselves were not saved by the wayback. BUT using the author list I have been able to find many of the same fics on other sites online. As such I added nearly 150 fanfics to my archive tonight.

So far I have only come across one author that I haven't been able to recover anything from, Asuka (not Asuka Kereru). With hope GWA will return and I can add the stories that truly cannot be found anywhere else, as for now I'm done for the night and tomorrow is another day of unearthing more treasures to preserve.
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Starting today I'm going to try and post a Gundam Wing fic Rec and picture every day. (though I'm terrible about following through D: )
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In January GW Addiction vanished from the web, it's a devastating blow to an already crumbling fandom. Then I learned that A Little Piece of Gundam Wing (raygunworks) is also going offline.

Raygun was the site that got me into the fandom, I cried.

Its loss sparked an archiving frenzy, I haven't dedicated time to my GW fanfiction archive in years but in the last 4 days I have added around 350 fics to it. Thank heavens for the wayback machine, otherwise I would have never manged to get all the fics from Under the Bridge, which also went offline without me noticing it.

I have about 50 links to both active and inactive GW archives to get through in my effort to preserve as many of these treasures as I can, with luck I'll be able to find some of the stories I have been searching for.

I'll also keep working on my own fiction, though no body seems to be reading them, I'm determined to do what I can to keep the fandom from fading completely.

If anyone out there actually reads this and has a text archive of GW fiction and is willing to share what you have with me, I'll gladly, happily, take them and add them to my archive. I will also gladly share what I have. If you're looking for something just let me know and I'll send it to you, if I have it.
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