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Jun. 24th, 2017 01:45 pm


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Back in April when I was in the middle of my archiving project I came across an old story by one of my favorite fic authors. Yesterday I tried to add the story to my Kindle so I could read using Calibre, it ran for 7 hours it but it wouldn't convert. I tried again, letting it run all night, no progress.

I tried uploading it online and converting it that way, still no luck. It certainly wasn't the biggest story I've converted, and as I almost always save the stories as text docs I decided to open it with Word and see if it there was something else going on.

Word crashed because of all the typos and mistakes.

It took me 4 and a half hours to go in and remove all the triple spacing, the 'two words stuck together' like 'alot' 'eachother' 'infront' and remove all the spaces between the quotation marks and the words. Fun stuff. After all the editing I tried converting it again. It took 37 seconds. Wee. The things I do for my fandom.

I did keep a copy of the story in its original form in my archive because that is how the author posted it. I wouldn't dare mess with someone else's work permanently without their permission, but at least it will load on my Kindle now.
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I was cleaning up some folders on my desktop computer looking for a fanfic I knew I had started but couldn't find on my laptop, which is where I do most of my writing. I found the story and 14 others that I kind of forgot I had been writing, some dated all the way back to 2003. (oops) Add those to the ones that I'm actually, currently writing and that's over 20 stories. I really need to finish up and post some of these fics.
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I'll get back to posting a Fic a Day when I can get a few hours to set up another set of recs. I usually set them up all nicely formatted with links and everything in a text document a month or two in advance (some 30-60 recs), so everyday all I needed to do is cut and paste, voilĂ  all done! It only takes a few seconds a day to post, but work went crazy and I have No time to set up my list. I hope to get things going again within the next week.
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Me: *opens my working folder and selects a fanfic - starts writing*
Brain: *wandering around, poking at things*
Me: This isn't where I wanted to go with this... What is this? It's a new story! No! Work on the other story, don't make a new one!
Brain: Mawahahahaha!!!
Me: *looks at the 8 different in progress fics, closes the folder* I guess I'm writing something new today.

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