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I am the Queen of procrastination, a master at not getting things done, as you would see by looking at how long it has taken me to complete some of my fan fiction. I'm determined to finish them though, even if no one seems to be reading Gundam Wing yaoi fiction anymore.

When I started in the fandom and wrote my first (very badly written) fic it was 2003 it was at it's peak, having already been active for about 5 years. Even then I was a little late in the game and had absolutely no experience at writing.

Since then I've never gotten much in the way of reviews or comments, and that's okay. I do like that folks read my works, but I really do write them for me.

You can thank Dacia at, I saw a picture of Heero that linked to her site and that was my first taste of Gundam Wing, which I had never seen before, it somehow led me to the the very first fic I ever read. "The Sun, The Moon and The Stars" by Ponderosa (<-

I still read GW stuff almost every day, especially when the main pairing is Heero and Duo. I started by saving fics to floppy disks at the library because I didn't have internet at home. I would print them too, so I could read them without my computer (I used to have huge stacks of fics). Then I saved them to cd's and flash drives, reading them on my computer. Now I convert them a read them on my Kindle while carefully preserving an archive of around 2000 fics, many of which can no longer be found on the internet. I have lost a few over the years (like Dancing with the Rude Boys) when computers crashed and I didn't have back ups, now I keep at least 3 complete copies in 3 different locations.

I support those few I have found that are still currently active by reading and reviewing, keep writing and if I can find it I'll read it.

I love this sadly dying fandom and I think I would cry if it ended completely. It has been such an important part of my life for almost half of my life and I love it and the many friends I have made through it. I'll keep writing and posting, keeping things alive one fic at a time.
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